Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Album Available for Digital Download!

Stream it for free or purchase a variety of file types (mp3, FLAC, Ogg) for $5 or $.80 a track.
<a href="">Dried By Soundwaves by Steve Navarre</a>

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dried By Soundwaves - My New Electro Ambient Music Collection

This is an album of seven electro-ambient tracks created over the last year and a half or so. Fans of Radio Massacre International, Zombie and Boards of Canada, as well as, classic electronic artists like Tangerine Dream may find something to like. These pieces where all done using soft synth emulations of such classic instruments as sequenced mini moogs, mellotrons, rare tape effects, combined with Fender jazz bass and a variety of shortwave, field and ham radio recordings. "Big Birds and Moms For Peace" was inspired by a poem "The Big Birds" by Jane Piirto, my mother, who's also the one reading the poem on that track.

Steam it HERE for free.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adrian Belew Power Trio 10-25-09

Never got around to posting the show pics and accounts here.
I have a nice album of pics with descriptions over on my photosite.

Shot some video too and made a couple YouTube vids also.

Beat Box Guitar Part One:

Beat Box Guitar Part Two:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Top Prog Artists of the Decade

A request for members to post a list of faves on the Colorado Art Rock Society's Yahoo Group was requested by one member. This list is based mostly by the Prog artists I seemed to focus on the most over the decade:

1-Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson - In Absentia is THE top album. I have 17 separate Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson related playlists on my iPod alone...more than any other group...that's sayin' something....not sure what exactly. lol

2-King Crimson / solo band members - The Power to Believe is wonderful and I pretty much follow and collect many of the KC related artists as well; Belew, Levin(favorite bass player), Mastelotto, Gunn, etc. I read Fripp's online diary about everyday. He is "The most interesting man in the world of "prog" ! lol

3-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Their live shows are probably the main reason I like them so much...oddly compelling to watch, but generally very entertaining. I have to be in the right mood to listen to the albums, but when you are hankering to listen to a track like "1997 (Tonight we're gonna party like it's...)" you know you're in THE mood for nothing else! (I have a couple of past SGM show overviews here also)

4-OSI/Kevin Moore/Chroma Key- Just love the vibe and modern rock/prog/electronic stylings. OSI's debut is a top release of the decade.

5-Kino/John Mitchell - "Picture" maybe a perfect blend of pop and prog. Mitchell's voice goes into my ear just right with Kino and projects/tracks like It Bites, Frost and Blind Ego...all stand out in my book.

6-Riverside - Love the Realty Dream Trilogy. Duda's voice may the my fave of the decade. Their new one continues the strong trend. Duda's solo album Lunatic Soul ain't shabby either.

7-Marillion - I actually enjoyed all four studio releases this decade, unlike many. Marbles is the standout though.

8-Zombi/ Steve Moore - Wonderful collection of old school style Tangerine Dream like synth tunes done up all modern like.

9-Umphrey's McGee - Good thing they came out with their proggiest album to date this year in Mantis or I was going to write them off a little. Regardless, their game is their live shows. They are one of the bands that probably got many new people aware of "prog" this decade and they added their own twist to the genre too.

10-The Flower Kings - This one might be a bit sentimental, but when you work with them a couple times up close you realize what good souls and genuine people they all are. Oh, guess they put out a few "OK" albums in the last ten years too. ;-)

Runners up (maybe not "prog" per say) : The Future Kings of England, Ozric Tentacles, Tortoise, Pat Metheny, God is an Astronaut, Radiohead, Massive Attack

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cuong Vu and 9th + Lincoln @ Dazzle

Had the pleasure of seeing a very cool show here last night. Vu (Pat Metheny, Laurie Anderson, David Bowie and others) is working with Tyler Gilmore and the 9th + Lincoln jazz orchestra. They did three shows and are recording a CD at a separate studio this week.

Gilmore composed four new pieces for these shows with Vu that incorporate popular melodies from the '30s and '40s but with a modern spin. Gilmore in Westword: "Its going to be a sound combining these standard melodies with my electronic and chamber music influences along with some very Cuong Vu-ish moments. It will be a departure for the band toward a more textural and dynamic sound."

Imagine Vu's electronic trumpet pallet playing with a modern age, experimental big band who at times aren't afraid to go a bit abstract with their sound. It was very inspiring! Tears were brought to my eyes a couple times. Really. (OK, a couple yummy vodka martinis may have helped). They closed the show playing one of Vu's original pieces but arranged for the big band. Gilmore described Vu's trio recordings as some of his favorite music on the planet. Nice to see more fans around here.

For more 9th + Lincoln info and sound samples click here for MySpace

I have a set of photos up HERE.

I got Vu's autograph on the show poster too. Yay! Nice guy!

Really looking forward to hearing this CD!

Moonspeed 12-5-09 @ Larimer Lounge

Really neat to see a project such as this coming out of the Denver indie-music scene. They are an indie rock symphony, so to speak, in that each member performs the parts as written by frontman Jeff Suthers. Nine of their eleven members were on stage, in sit down fashion, to perform their debut CD "Flowers Of the Moon" in it's entirety, plus one "new" track. I have a collection of PICS most of which were taken while holding the camera over my head because the room was so packed so some aren't the most stellar in quality. Good to see such a great turnout! The band did a great set. Looking forward to more from this ensemble. Check out their MySpace for more info.

There's also a YouTube Video:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best of My Concert Photos

Arpil 9th, 2002 marked the 7th year I've been taking digital concert pics of Prog Rock bands and progressive artists. I decided to make a best of compilation. Check it out on my Photo Website.

Bands/artists include:

Tony Levin Band
Porcupine Tree (multiple shows)
Acoustic Asia
Umphrey's McGee
Adrian Belew Trio (with Mikes)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (multiple shows)
Secret Chiefs 3
Zorn Patton & Frith
Spock's Beard
Carl Palmer Band
Ozric Tentacles (multiple shows)
The Flower Kings (multiple shows)
Green Milk From The Planet Orange
BX3 - Hamm, Berlin and Sheehan
Tortoise w/ Lichens
Bob Drake and Friends (Hamster Theatre members, etc)
Peter Hammill
Thinking Plague